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Lead Maternity Care Options 

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Now is a great time to look for a Lead Maternity Carer (LMC). An LMC, is a midwife or doctor who will look after you during your pregnancy, labour and birth and then continue, or arrange for someone, to visit you at home for 4-6 weeks after your baby is born. They may provide all the care (continuity of care) or share the care with other practitioners (shared care). you choose a specialist doctor. Most maternity care is free in NZ for citizens and permanent residents unless you choose a specialist doctor. Ministry of Health has information about eligibility criteria.

Independent / Self-employed Midwife

  • Provide care for normal pregnancy and birth.
  • Can provide all care during labour, birth and the first 4-6 weeks after baby is born
  • Often work together as a group/ collective or team.

Cost: free
Click on a region of NZ to get started. Independent Midwife profiles help in your search for a good fit. Options to filter your search include Māori or Pasifika midwife, delivery plans including home or birthing unit, language requirements

New Zealand College of Midwives
Professional organisation that sets midwifery standards and provides information, advice and education to consumers.

Public Hospital Team Midwives/ Community Midwives

  • Pregnancy check-ups at a local hospital or clinic.
  • Take turns to see you so that you get to meet all members of the team.
  • A midwife on duty in your local birthing unit will care for you during your labour and delivery.
  • Community midwives only provide care at home after your baby is born.

Cost: free

Obstetric Specialists

  • Private specialist care for pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal care.
  • Group practices made up of dedicated specialist obstetricians who work together to provide 24hr, 7 days a week complete care, often with GPs, midwiv es, physiotherapists, lactation consultants and other support staff . Care options include full specialist care or shared care arrangements.
  • Specialise in compl ications during pregnancy and birth
  • Will attend part of the labour and birth, and shares care in the first
  • 4- 6 weeks following birth with a midwife/ GP

Cost: To receive free care you must be referred by a midwife or GP. Charges apply for normal maternity care

Auckland Obstetric Centre, AOC
Ground Floor, Birthcare Building
20 Titoki Street, Parnell
Ph 367 1200

Level 2, Ascot Central
7 Ellerslie Racecourse Drive, Remuera Ph 523 1992/ 0800 247 848

Shore Birth
104 Rosedale Road, Albany Ph 475 0099

443 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden Ph 630 8270

Family Doctor/GP

  • Few GPs in NZ attend births, therefore can’t provide full LMC services.
  • Care is usually shared with a hospital midwife.
  • Those that do offer maternity care generally prioritise their enrolled patients. Check with your provider.

Maternity services at your local hospital

Auckland Hospital, National Women’s Health

Waitakere/ North Shore Hospitals
(see clinics and services)

Middlemore Hospital

Extra Information

MAMA Maternity
Information about service providers that are primarily Auckland based. Provide a number of services that promote optimal health and wellbeing in pregnancy including pregnancy yoga, massage, acupuncture, hypnobirthing and childbirth education classes.

Ministry of Health
Wealth of information about pregnancy services, eg eligibility for publicly funded maternity services, and maternity care, advice about common complaints in pregnancy eg morning sickness, feeling tired or faint, eating safely and well, being active.

Up-to-date information about maternity healthcare providers, midwifery groups and services they offer.

0800 MUM2BE (0800 686 223)
Phoneline run by the Ministry of Health to assist you with information about the services and support available to you while pregnant.

Walk-in-Centre, Greenlane Clinical Centre

  • Free maternity advice and information with no appointment needed.
  • Help to find a LMC, and services available
  • Explanation of fees/charges for non residents

You can either visit the centre in person, M-F 10am-2pm, or make contact via phone or email.
Maternity Outpatients, Building 4, 6th floor, Greenlane Clinical Centre, Greenlane
214 Greenlane West, One Tree Hill
Phone 623 6455, 0800 4 BIRTH ( 0800 424 784)

Questions that you can ask to help you choose a LMC

  • Do you practice independently, in partnership with another LMC or as part of a group or practice?
  • If continuity of care is not provided, who else will be involved in my care and can I meet them?
  • Where can I give birth? If hoping for a home/waterbirth, do you offer this?
  • Who will provide back-up care if you are not available? Are you planning any holidays around the time my baby is due?
  • How many women are booked with you the same month as my due date?
  • How many times will I see you during my pregnancy, what is the usual length/ location of these appointments?
  • Will you visit me in the hospital and at home after the delivery?
  • I have religious/cultural/strong beliefs about…, is your care able to support me with these?
  • What is your medical intervention rate i.e. episiotomies, epidurals, caesarean section?
  • Do you participate in an annual review or audit process?

If you are unable to find a LMC, please phone the community midwifery team at your local hospital. It is very important that you receive care while pregnant.
You can change your LMC at any time during your pregnancy if you do not feel comfortable with your first choice.

For Information on eating safely and well during pregnancy visit Ministry of Health NZ

The team at Fertility Plus wish you all the best with your journey to parenthood.
We look forward to hearing about your new addition!