Awhi Tautoko


While you are undergoing treatment at Fertility Plus, you are welcome to have your partner, whānau, or friends accompany you to appointments and procedures.


A counsellor is available for anyone undergoing fertility treatment at Fertility Plus at any stage of treatment.

We understand that infertility can be emotionally very difficult.  It can affect every aspect of your life.  You may feel isolated from your family and friends, and find you experience a whole range of emotions.  The counsellors acknowledge the often difficult journey of fertility uncertainty and the importance of offering support during treatment.

  • We take the time to understand your concerns along with the emotional and social aspects of treatment that affect you. 
  • It gives you a chance to clarify information and to focus on how you are feeling and what you need.  This can help you to make the right decisions for you. 
  • Most importantly, counselling provides you with a source of support, helps you learn coping strategies and build resilience for your journey.

You may meet with a counsellor if you are coming to the clinic for an IVF orientation. Counselling is mandatory for all fertility treatment involving donor eggs, sperm or embryos, and surrogacy.


Fertility Plus public patients do not pay an additional fee for counselling. 

Fertility Plus private patients have up to two counselling sessions included in their fees when undergoing IVF and one session with IUI treatment. For further information on costs, refer to the cost sheet. Fertility Plus private patients involved in a donor or surrogacy programme will be advised separately of the counselling costs.

Accessing this service

If you have any concerns or issues you wish to discuss, you can arrange an appointment with a counsellor by phoning (09) 630 9810 extension 5.

Support networks

In addition to our support services, the following organisations offer information and support for people experiencing infertility:

Cultural support and chaplaincy 

We are committed to providing a quality and culturally appropriate service for all our patients. We ensure Māori cultural and traditional practices are supported, and are inclusive of whānau, hapū and iwi in treatment, support, care planning and review. 

A chaplaincy service is also offered by Auckland for all denominations. This is confidential and can be accessed at any stage of your treatment. A prayer or karakia can be performed. Please discuss this with one of the counsellors or nurses if you wish for this to be arranged.


We welcome gender and sexual diversity for our staff and patients. Please contact us to start your journey to parenthood. Click here for information on Donors and surrogacy

We work closely with Hauora Tāhine - Pathways to Transgender in providing fertility preservation prior to starting puberty blockers and/or oestrogen. 

Fertility Plus and Te Toka Tumai Auckland are proud to be Rainbow Tick certified.